Custom Education boards – Prop Arachnids and scorpions V1.0

Custom Education boards – Prop Arachnids and scorpions V1.0

Custom education boards for the arachnids(+scorpions) in @Nicholaslionrider’s exhibit animal prop pack.



These are 26 custom habitat education boards for all the Arachnids (and scorpions) in NicholasLionrider’s Prop animal pack.

There are included:
Arizona Blonde Tarantula
Brazilian White Knee Tarantula
Brazilian Red and White Knee Tarantula
Brazilian Salmon Pink Tarantula
Brazilian Wandering Spider
Chile Rose Tarantula
Giant Desert Scorpion
Emperor Scorpion
Giant Flat Rock Scorpion
Giant Forest Scorpion
Giant Huntsman Spider
Goliath Birdeater
Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarnantula
Greenbottle Blue Tarantula
Guatamalan Tiger Rump Tarantula
Hati-Hati Purple Earth Tiger Tarantula
Indian Ornamental Tarantula
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula
Mexican Red Rump Tarantula
Orange Baboon Tarantula
Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula
Sydney Funnel Web Spider
Thai Bamboo Tarantula
Togo Starburst Baboon Tarantula
Traversaal Fat Tailed Scorpion
Venezuela Suntiger Tarantula

I love this prop pack, since the exhibit animals in the game are kinda lacking, but I could not for the life of me find education boards for them, so here we are.

How to install:
Download the mod
Extract the zip file
Drag the contents (except for the README) to Documents/Frontier Developments/Planet Zoo/Usermedia
Open up your game and change the billboards or the education board picture to the matching species!

(I only have 5 expansion packs now, and I cannot afford to buy any at the moment so any screenshots of the animals from the Southeast-Asia pack, Africa pack, and North-America pack would be greatly appreciated, so I can continue t make the pack even if I don’t have the DLC!)

Hope you enjoy these!
I will be making more packs in the future!


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