How to install Planet Zoo mods?

Here you can find a tutorial or guides how to install mods for Planet Zoo game.

How to install Planet Zoo mods for PC or MAC?
You have to manually place mod files into the Planet Zoo files on your computer to get everything to work.

Download the version of the mod you would want to install

Head to the ‘File Explorer’ on your computer and navigate to the main file for the animal the mod is replacing

Once downloaded you will have a .rar file. Unzip this using a programme like Winrar (it’s free) and move the resultant folder into the following directory:

C: > Programme Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Planet Zoo > win64 > ovldata

Then the corresponding content folder for the animal (‘Content0’ is base game, ‘Content1’ is Arctic Pack, ‘Content2’ is SA Pack, ‘Content3’ is AUS Pack, ‘Content4’ is Aquatic Pack)

Then the ‘Animals’ folder, the basic group the animal would be, then the animal itself)

Move the files inside the vanilla animal’s folder into a different place on your computer (I’d recommend a ‘Backup Folder’ in your Downloads, so that it is easy to navigate to if you have to revert)

Open up the modded files you downloaded, and drag the files that match the names of the vanilla ones into the folder that the vanilla ones came from