Badbeep’s Habitat and Exhibit Replacement Boards V1.0

Badbeep’s Habitat and Exhibit Replacement Boards V1.0

A replacement pack for all in game animals.

I’m tired of looking at the default boards

In this pack, I have created one hundred and twenty habitat and exhibit boards for all animals in game (Frontier made).
Base Game (x72)
Deluxe (x3)
Arctic (x4)
Australia (x5)
Asia (x8)
South America (x5)
Africa (x5)
Aquatic (x5)
North America (x8)
Europe (x5)

Some house keeping notes:
All resources are either taken directly from the game or were computer generated to fit into the style of the game (I either personally created them or paid for the licenses to use the file).
All images were created with Adobe Illustrator.
Through trial and error, TIFF is the most ideal format to use. You avoid loss of image quality and also avoid the contrast quality issue that GIF, JPEG, and PNG files get in the game – feel free to convert the files on your own if you have a preference.
I used Gibson font for most of the generic text if you desire continuity.
If you are interested, I have linked here SVGs of all the logos I had to convert to vectors – might save you some time

I have created food stalls, drink stalls, miscellaneous/art, and education boards. Stay tuned.

How To Use:
Documents\Frontier Developments\Planet Zoo\UserMedia
Place files directly into folder location
To find in game – select either TV Screen or Projector Screen from Facilities/Media Devices and Education


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