Planet Zoo Bloom 1.9.1 V1.1

Planet Zoo Bloom 1.9.1 V1.1

Take your zoological gardening to the next level!

Available in both injecting and ejecting file format, this franchise/challenge-friendly mod, will be able to create way more vibrant habitats for any animal you like, without worrying so much about their original game preference for foliage. Such as building a lush labyrinth in the middle of the Outback, or filling a whole EU zoo with nothing but illegal flora, who knows? But above all, the choices are yours to “grow”.

All Plants Changed By
Umbrella Thorn Acacia (Desert)
Yellow Ipê Tree (Grassland)
Polylepis Tree (Taiga)
Elephant Grass (Aquatic, Tropical)
Aloe Vera (Grassland, Temperate, Tropical)
Scots Pine (Temperate)
Black Spruce (Tundra)
Festive Spruce (Tundra)
Spanish Hanging Moss (Temperate)
Century Plant (Grassland, Tropical)
Hydrangea Bush (Grassland, Taiga)
Dragon’s Blood Tree (Grassland)
Periwinkle (Tropical)
Aleppo Pine Tree (Taiga)
Giant Rhubarb Plant (Aquatic)
Titan Arum (Aquatic)
Bald Cypress (Temperate (Search Tag))
Umbrella Thorn Acacia (Asia)
Topiary (North America, Oceania, South America)
Bengal Bamboo (South America)
Festive Spruce (Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America)
Bromeliad Plant (Asia)
Spanish Hanging Moss (Oceania)
Century Plant (Europe, North America)
Water Hyacinth (Africa, Europe, North America)
Underwater Temple Plant (North America)
Drinn Grass (Asia)
Dragon’s Blood Tree (Europe)
Periwinkle (Africa, Asia, North America, Oceania, South America)
Aleppo Pine Tree (Oceania)

Modded Plant Support Coming Soon


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