Long-Horned Bison – New Species V1.10

Long-Horned Bison – New Species V1.10

Veeeeeeery long! The extinct long-horned bison, also known as the giant bison, comes to Planet Zoo!

This mod has been brought to you by Narwhaler!
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The long-horned bison is a new addition to the extinct animal roster!

This mod adds the long-horned bison (Bos latifrons) to the game. Often considered the largest bovid to have ever existed, the long-horned bison evolved in North America and disappeared at the peak of the last Ice Age.
Unique models for males, females and juveniles.
Dark-coated variants (15% chance).
Functional research, zoopedia, and UI.
Functional education info board textures.
Based on the American Bison. Uses its enrichment items.

French (thanks to Trigger)

This mod requires ACSE to work. Make sure you have it installed beforehand!

To install this mod, simply extract the zip and place the extracted folder in the ovldata folder of the game.

IMPORTANT: Before reporting any crashes or issues, try redownloading the mod and make sure it is indeed this mod that is causing the issue and not something else. If you are definitely sure, then report the bug.



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