Formosan Black Bear Remaster 1.12 ACSE V1.0

Formosan Black Bear Remaster 1.12 ACSE V1.0

Improves the overall look of the Formosan Black Bear to make it more realistic, with improved coloration, better fur on the neck, and a more realistic and colorful take on the Golden Moon Bear variant.

Includes better models and textures for adults and juvenile FBB, changed its tone from a pale dark gray to a really dark black, improved the model giving it rounder ears, a fluffier neck, and a less sad appearance. Golden Moon Bear was done from scratch without using Frontier’s new variant, in fact, it was done before Update 1.12 added it to the game, but it has more vibrant colors, and it’s also more accurate to golden moon bears, instead of the desaturated look Frontier used on theirs.
This mod requires ACSE.

Important Note: The Formosan Black Bear currently has animation issues, this is absolutely not related to this mod, in fact, it has been reported several times that by default the FBB keeps its mouth open, and also the ears constantly snap without having fluid animations, again, this is a bug with the official bear, and it cannot be fixed via mods, so unless Frontier fixes it, the Remaster will also have those issues.

Special thanks to Leaf for the showcase pictures, and thanks to tigerdrake for commissioning this remasters.


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